Revitalize your Instagram presence with IGBS's cutting-edge Growth Plans. Opt for Social Starter, Diamond Promotion Pro, or our Ultra Package to harness the potential of AI-powered child/support accounts. These accounts engage with your targeted audience through targeted DMs and strategic mentions, ensuring unparalleled social media growth

Maximize Your TIK TOK Growth with IGBS's AI-Enhanced Strategies

Unlock your Tik Tok´s full potential with IGBS's bespoke AI-driven Growth Plans. Choose from our tailored packages: Launchpad-Kit, Social Starter, Our Best Seller-Elevate and Expand, or Diamond Promotion Pro, each designed to amplify your reach and engagement. Our innovative approach combines the power of AI with targeted child/support account strategies, ensuring your Tik Tok profile not only grows but thrives. Experience a new era of digital influence and audience connection with IGBS



IGBS's Best Seller/Elevate and Expand strategy completely transformed the trajectory of my TikTok business. Through targeted direct messages and strategic mentions, it has ushered in a remarkable surge in high-quality followers. IGBS not only fulfills its commitment to genuine and enduring TikTok growth but also exceeds expectations

Torben B.
Aachen, Germany

IGBS has completely transformed my TikTok presence! Thanks to their Social Starter plan, my follower count has skyrocketed, and the engagement levels are off the charts. Their AI-powered approach is a game-changer for anyone committed to achieving substantial TikTok growth

Sarah T.
Los Angeles, CA

IGBS's offerings have revolutionized my TikTok profile. Their approach is distinctive and highly effective, fostering authentic engagement and substantial growth. I've witnessed a significant surge in followers and engagement metrics, opening doors to more brand collaborations and opportunities. With IGBS, it's more than just a service; they're genuine partners in TikTok success

Lara O.
Frankfurt, Germany

IGBS's Diamond Promotion Pro has completely revolutionized my TikTok journey. The phenomenal growth in followers and engagement is beyond words. Their innovative blend of AI technology and child/support accounts has made an immense difference. I highly recommend it to any serious TikTok influencer looking to elevate their presence!

Anna S.
Berlin, Germany

Transform Your Tik Tok Reach with IGBS's AI-Powered Growth Solutions

Step into the future of Tik Tok´s influence with IGBS's cutting-edge Growth Plans. Our AI-driven solutions, including Launchpad-Kit, Social Starter, Best Seller/Elevate and Expand, and Diamond Promotion Pro, are tailored to skyrocket your profile's visibility and engagement. Harness the power of advanced AI and strategic child/support account interactions to drive genuine growth and establish a commanding presence on one of the world's most influential social media platforms

Our Plans

Social Starter

  • 100 Support/Child accounts which sends
  • 50,000 DMs daily to targeted Accounts
  • 15,000 mentions daily to targeted Accounts
  • 700-1000 guaranteed Follower per Month 
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Diamond Promotion Pro

  • 300 Support/Child accounts which sends
  • 150,000 DMs daily to targeted Accounts
  • 45,000 mentions daily to targeted Accounts
  • 3000-5000 guaranteed Follower per Month 
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  • 600 Support/Child accounts which sends
  • 300,000 DMs daily to targeted Accounts
  • 90,000 mentions daily to targeted Accounts
  • 7000-10000 guaranteed Follower per Month 
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The effectivest Growth strategie

Prepare to enroll in a monthly subscription for cutting-edge technology, exclusively only available through us. Our established organic strategies ensure optimal visibility for your posts among the appropriate audience. We facilitate connections with Instagram users who are highly relevant to your brand or personal account, introducing them to your media. Target the right individuals for your content. Tik Tok boasts diverse communities, encompassing models, photographers, luxury brands, and influencers. We identify and engage with communities likely to be interested in your media, connecting with individuals and their followers who are poised to become your fans. Enjoy the flexibility of no commitment, with easy cancellations available at any time; please note that no refunds will be offered


Introducing our AI Mother/Child method—an innovative strategy to amplify your Instagram presence. Picture it as constructing a family of accounts: "Parent" accounts, influential and established, engage with your target audience, garnering attention and trust. Meanwhile, "Child" accounts, though smaller, possess immense potential. As these child accounts evolve, they share valuable content, fostering a sense of community and excitement. This method surpasses the effectiveness of mass DM strategies, ensuring organic growth by attracting new followers to your Tik Tok Account

Mass DM strategies involve sending generic messages to a large number of people, often resulting in low engagement and trust. In contrast, the Mother/Child method focuses on authentic engagement. Parent accounts, with their credibility, engage with your audience, leading to organic growth and trust among followers. It's a more targeted and effective way to build your Tik Tok presence

IGBS’s Instagram Services are unique due to our AI Mother/Child Interaction method, which provides authentic and tailored Growth. Unlike generic mass-engagement strategies, our approach is designed to resonate with your specific audience, ensuring organic growth and genuine interactions. Our plans are customized to meet diverse needs, from the Social Starter for emerging influencers to the Diamond Promotion Pro for established profiles, offering scalability and effectiveness

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us, and our team will assess your needs and create a personalized growth strategy using the AI Mother/Child method. We'll guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals

Absolutely! If you need more followers than what our packages offer, simply reach out to us with the desired monthly follower count, and we'll craft a customized offer to suit your specific requirements.

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Increased Visibility

Elevate your Instagram presence to new heights! Our services ensure your content reaches a wider audience, boosting your visibility and online recognition

Targeted Audience

Our AI Mother/Child system tailors interactions to resonate with each individual, fostering a sense of authenticity and personalized attention that sets you apart in the digital realm

Higher Conversion Rates

Watch your earnings soar! With a focused audience and increased visibility, you can expect higher conversion rates, turning followers into loyal subscribers