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Boost your X/Twitter profile with our targeted growth services. Choose from Medium, Fast, or Ultra plans to connect with real users, increase your following, and enhance your online presence


Catapult your X/Twitter profile's reach with our specialized Growth services. Experience a surge in followers and build a powerful network, unlocking new avenues for influence and opportunities.



The Twitter growth service from IGBS has been a game changer for my business. The Ultra plan's targeted engagement skyrocketed my follower count, leading to increased brand visibility and new client inquiries. A must-have service for any business on Twitter.

San Francisco, CA

I was amazed at how quickly I saw results with IGBS's Twitter service. The Fast plan helped me connect with an engaged audience relevant to my niche. My tweets are now reaching a wider audience than ever before.

London, UK

IGBS's Twitter growth service is both professional and effective. With the Fast plan, I've seen a significant increase in my followers and engagement. Their approach is tailored and strategic, making all the difference

David Lee
Toronto, Canada

The Ultra plan from IGBS completely transformed my Twitter experience. My engagement rates have soared, and I've been able to connect with my audience in a way I never thought possible. Truly outstanding service!

Sydney, Australia


Transform your X/Twitter into a lucrative venture. Elevate your profile with our services and watch as increased engagement turns into real income opportunities!

What makes the Mother/Child method effective?

Our primary accounts strategically engage with users who follow your competitors. Upon reciprocation, a direct message (DM) seamlessly lands in their primary inbox (30%), skipping the request box. For users actively involved in DMs but lacking sufficient follower response, our accounts intensify their efforts. They follow, like, and DM additional targeted users, directing messages to the request box (70%).

With our Outreach with Mother/Child Enhancement, experience a synergistic approach that combines the benefits of our Engagement Boost:

  • Strategic Competitor Selection:
    Identify projects or individuals aligning with your target audience. Our service meticulously curates followers with authentic avatars and 10 to 8000 followers.
  • Adaptable Outreach Speed:
    Tailor your strategy with Medium, Fast, or Ultra speeds, ensuring a customized approach based on your preferences.

Supercharge your outreach game and effortlessly connect with your desired audience! 🚀


  • 200 accounts which makes
  • Up to 600 Tags per Day in your Tweet comments
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  • 200 accounts which makes
  • Up to 600 Tags per Day in your Tweet comments
  • Up to 600 Tags RT Quotes per Day
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  • 200 accounts which makes
  • Up to 600 Tags per Day in your Tweet comments
  • Up to 600 Tags RT Quotes per Day
  • Up to 600 Follows, Likes, Comments, DMs per Day
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The Mother/Child method is our innovative approach to growing your Twitter presence. In simple terms, it's like building a family of accounts. "Parent" accounts are established and influential, while "Child" accounts are smaller but have great potential. Parents engage with your target audience, drawing attention and trust. As the child accounts grow, they share valuable content, creating a buzz and community. This approach is highly effective compared to mass DM strategies

Mass DM strategies involve sending generic messages to a large number of people, often resulting in low engagement and trust. In contrast, the Mother/Child method focuses on authentic engagement. Parent accounts, with their credibility, engage with your audience, leading to organic growth and trust among followers. It's a more targeted and effective way to build your Twitter presence

IGBS’s Twitter Growth Services are unique due to our AI Mother/Child Interaction method, which provides authentic and tailored engagement. Unlike generic mass-engagement strategies, our approach is designed to resonate with your specific audience, ensuring organic growth and genuine interactions. Our plans are customized to meet diverse needs, from the Medium, Fast, or Ultra for established profiles, offering scalability and effectiveness

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us, and our team will assess your needs and create a personalized growth strategy using the Mother/Child method. We'll guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals

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Increased Visibility

Elevate your Twitter presence to new heights! Our services ensure your content reaches a wider audience, boosting your visibility and online recognition

Targeted Audience

Our AI Mother/Child system tailors interactions to resonate with each individual, fostering a sense of authenticity and personalized attention that sets you apart in the digital realm

Higher Conversion Rates

Watch your earnings soar! With a focused audience and increased visibility, you can expect higher conversion rates, turning followers into loyal subscribers